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Poker Sharks Prey on Those Who Tilt – How You Can Avoid It

People love to play a poker bonus freeroll – Even if they lose the hand it doesn’t matter too much, so long as they know when they’re in an awkward spot making bad decisions with marginal hands (which is what most people would have done when they first started learning the game). The problem is that when you’re on tilt, it can be difficult to recognize for quite some time (a few days of play afterward and about half the bankroll sometimes…)

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Chronicles of an Online Poker Player – Part Seventeen

“Online Poker – Value Betting”

So now there are two players remaining against me, and there are no aces on the flop. Everything is scattered around, so make I will make a decent bet to see who is in. One drops out, but one remains.

This is where you make a “value bet.” This is a bet where you “Know you have the hand won,” but you want to keep anyone in for the sake of winning just a few more dollars. If you let on that you have “something big,” they will drop out quickly. Letting your opponent “think they have a chance” is a skill second to none.

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Chronicles of an Online Poker Player – Part Sixteen

“Know your strengths and weaknesses”

You have to know your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. A professional poker player will never admit to any type of weakness they may have. This is because they may have very few. But if you are an online poker player, know what you are good at. Know your best game, and learn it to the best of your abilities. Study the game. Learn the game. Know the game. But know your strengths and weaknesses!

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Chronicles of an Online Poker Player – Part Fifteen

Wherever you choose to play online poker, there are so many variables to keep in mind while playing. Winning and losing are part of the game. Determining what type of caliber player you are will make all the difference in the world. You have to be honest with yourself. Are to a good player? Are you a great player? Are you just taking up the game, and reading books and articles on how to become better? The one thing I haven’t written about yet is how to keep your emotions out of your game.

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Chronicles of an Online Poker Player – Part Fourteen

I’m going to talk about the second game in HORSE, called Omaha. Omaha is an easy game to learn, but a complicated game to play. Like Texas Hold ‘em, you are dealt your down cards, and get to play from “community” cards dealt in the middle; also known as the “flop,” the “turn,” and “the river.” The exception here is; you get four down cards dealt to you, not the standard two in Hold ‘em poker. But the twist here in Omaha is that you can only use 2 of the 4 cards dealt to you. And of the five cards in the middle, you can use 3 of the 5, just like in Hold ‘em.

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Three Tips To Help You Spot Online Cheaters In Your Poker Room

Posted by magyck0ne under Articles * The Archives, Articles - Online Poker, Strategy - Poker (No Respond)

A lot of poker players are absolutely adamant about not playing poker online because of the risk. They are afraid that hackers will get a hold of their information and use it to their benefit. There are some websites that make the claim that they are able see opponent cards or see a turn and river before cards are dealt. However, you’ll be glad to know that the majority of sites like these are garbage. Keep in mind the word majority; it does not mean all.

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Chronicles of an Online Poker Player – Part Thirteen

This may be one of the most important articles I have written yet. It boils down to this; do you trust the site you play online poker with? As I play another session of online poker at Intertopspoker.com, I cannot stop thinking about my unbelievable day I had several days ago. I feel like when I play, I am a good player. I know the odds to an extent when it comes to “catching” cards on the TURN and the RIVER. But this was the worst “Bad Beat” in the history of my playing cards, whether it was online or “live” play.

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Chronicles of an Online Poker Player – Part Twelve

Okay, so you are at work and all you can think about is when you get off you are going straight home to play poker on Intertops New Poker Room, right? I do this all of the time, but what I sometimes forget is that it may be a day of finding Rocks in my cards, not Diamonds. Be prepared for the rocks, my friends, because if you are not, it could (and will) cost you that hard earned money you made while at work thinking about playing online poker.

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Top 10 Reasons To Play At Online Poker Rooms

Posted by magyck0ne under Articles * The Archives, Articles - Online Poker, Strategy - Poker (No Respond)

People from all walks of life enjoy playing poker. With the advent of the net, interest in poker has exploded. Online poker is hugely popular, its as much fun as playing in person but you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Play At Online Poker Rooms:

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How to Choose the Right Poker Rakeback

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Choosing the right online poker rakeback from a casino or gambling site can be an important part of determining where to begin playing in the first place. While both reputation and game offerings are important, so is the ability to minimize your needless losses in poker, something that a rakeback allows you to do quite effectively if examined closely.

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